How to Activate Spotify for Your Listeners

As a creator, one of the biggest advantages of Supercast is that it's extremely easy for your subscribers to listen to your premium content in a podcast player of their choice.

Now...Spotify is yet another listening choice for your subscribers. Heck yeah!

Please note:
  • This is currently only available to Supercast creators on the All-in plan. (We hope to make this available for Custom creators soon.)
  • Spotify does not make listener metrics available to Supercast. You will need to log in to your “Spotify for Podcasters” dashboard to review Spotify activity.
  • Spotify listeners will not receive any personalized episodes or episodes targeted to plans you have set up.

This article covers the following:

What is the impact of this change?

Activating your Premium Feed on Spotify means two things:

  1. Your subscribers will be able to listen to your premium content in Spotify.
  2. Your premium feed will also appear in Spotify's search results. If somebody clicks on this premium feed, the episodes will be "padlocked", since it's premium content. However, Spotify will also give listeners a chance to link their Supercast accounts to unlock the content:
Your free podcast feed on Spotify will remain unchanged.

How to activate Spotify

Step 1: Go to Advanced Settings > Spotify Preferences.

Step 2: Check that your podcast settings are properly configured.

In your Podcast Settings, please ensure that:

  1. Your podcast Title is different from your Free Podcast.
  2. Your Description, Author, and Email fields are filled in.

If not, please address any missing fields in Podcast Settings.

Step 3: Connect your feed to Spotify for Podcasters

To add your premium feed on Spotify, head to Spotify for Podcasters and create an account if you don't have one already. 
Once signed in, click the left menu button, click "Add or claim your podcast", and click "Get Started".
When it asks for your 'Link to RSS feed', copy and paste your feed listed.
Step 4: Check that your premium feed's episodes are locked.
In Spotify for Podcasters, select your Premium Show > Details > Podcast link > Copy Link > Paste the link into a new tab.
Confirm that your episodes are padlocked, as follows: 

If not, please contact

Step 5: Enable Spotify Access

Return to Supercast and click Enable Spotify Access.

Your subscribers will now be able to listen to your premium content in Spotify. Hooray!

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