How Do I Purchase a Gift Subscription?

Thinking of a gift idea for a friend or family member? Or want to support a podcaster on Supercast even more than you currently do?

We've got you covered...Supercast gives you the ability to purchase a subscription as a gift for another person.

Note: Only available for podcasters using our All-in plan.

How Does It Work?

1. Go to the podcaster's landing page.

For example:

2. Click Gift a Subscription.

3. Select the plan you'd like to gift.

4.  Select how you'd like to send the subscription:

5. Enter the following:

  • The recipient's email
  • Your message
  • Your payment info and email.

6. Once you purchase the gift:

  • The gift recipient will receive an email asking them to activate their subscription.
  • You will receive an email receipt.

6. At the end of the gift period, the recipient will be asked if they'd like to reactivate their subscription.