How to Upgrade to Sign-Up Page V2

First impressions matter! And the first impression your subscribers will form about your subscription is your sign-up page. 

So we're pleased to say - as of October 2022, you can now use our new sign-up page design, known as 'Sign-up Page V2'! 😎

What do you think?

This is the design live with Huberman Lab Premium.

Note: Sign-up Page V2 and its design are not currently available for:
  1. Plan embeds 

We hope these will be supported very soon.

How to Upgrade to Sign-up Page V2

New Customers

If you signed up for Supercast on or after Sept 2022, you will by default be using Sign-up Page V2.

Existing Customers

If you signed up for Supercast before Sept 2022, you will need to upgrade to Sign-up Page V2 as follows:

  1. From your Creator Dashboard, go to Settings > Sign-up Page.

  2. Select Sign-up Page V2.

  3. Enter your Summary information. 

    This text will feature at the top of your sign-up page:

  4. Enter your About information.

    This text will feature further down your sign-up page, below your plans:
  5. Feel free to edit any of your other sign-up page settings. (Pro tip: Use a contrasting logo for the best effect.)
  6. Click Update Sign-up Page.