Usage alerts

What's a usage alert?
When there is abnormal activity by one of your subscribers, our algorithm will automatically populate that individual listener in the usage alert page. You will be able to review the alert and select from on of the following options.

  • Suspend: That unique feed is disabled and anyone with the feed will not be able to access it. They will also unlink from Stripe, and no longer be billed.
  • Dismiss: Ignore it this time, but future infractions will trigger a new alert.
  • Ignore: This listener will no longer trigger usage alerts.

We typically recommend reaching out to the individual before suspending their feed, unless it is someone who is constantly sharing their link inappropriately. 

What is 'abnormal activity'
When a listener's unique ID (associated with your paid feed) is used on multiple IP addresses or has an inordinate amount of downloads. This can indicate that more than one individual is trying to use a paid feed. Each member in Supercast is tokenized and has a unique RSS feed that we track. By doing this we are able to provide granular analytics and monitor for pirating.

You can navigate to the Usage Alert page by clicking on the 'Usage Alerts' section underneath 'Subscribers' in your Dashboard menu.

Usage Alert Preferences

You can edit your preferences and inform us on how you would like for us to notify you of any usage alerts.