Example Landing Pages

Here are two of our favorite landing pages on Supercast. They both use Supercast's features to effectively present their show's unique value proposition.

Get Sleepy

We love how Get Sleepy keeps their landing page super clean and simple, with a single plan offered via monthly or annual payment. With beautiful imagery that has been tailored for their premium feed, this is a great formula to follow for maximum conversion.

Get Sleepy Landing Page

Movies On The Side

Movies On The Side's landing page is a great example of using tiered plans with increasing levels of benefit. The descriptions clearly help a customer understand what they're getting if they pay more and we love how their imagery cleverly guides people towards getting the whole combo.

Movies On The Side also makes great use of our welcome clip feature, which features Nate & Stephen describing the benefits of subscribing.

Movies On The Side Landing Page

Now that you have gotten some inspiration, head over to this article to learn how to set up your own landing page. 

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