How Do I Access My Premium Feed?

Once you have signed up for a creator's subscription, the most important step is to connect to their premium feed in your podcast player. This is where you will find all the premium content that your subscription bought you.

The premium feed is separate from the free feed. The free feed won't automatically update with the premium content. Instead, you will have to connect to the premium feed in your podcast player to listen to the member-only content.

How Do I Access My Premium Feed?

You have a number of ways to connect to your premium feed (also known as a "private RSS feed") to access the premium content:

  1. Player links displayed to you on sign-up (and stored in your member dashboard)
  2. Welcome Email sent to you on sign-up

Please Note: Most popular podcast players support private RSS feeds, but unfortunately some like Spotify do not. Before you read on, it's best to confirm that you have a supported podcast app. We've compiled a handy list for you here: Podcast Players that Support Private RSS Feeds.

Now that you're set up with a podcast player, it's time to connect to your premium feed from one of the options below.

Option 1: Player Links

We recommend following these steps on the device you use to listen to your podcast.

You may watch above video or follow the steps below to connect to your private RSS feed: 

Step 1: After subscribing to a Supercast creator, log into on the device you use to listen to podcasts. (If you haven't signed in or set your password, click "Forgot Password?", and we'll email you a reset link.)

Step 2: Once logged in, click the player link that matches the podcast player you want to connect to:

Tip for selecting players:

  • iPhone users - Select Apple Podcasts
  • Android users - Select Google Podcasts
  • Laptop or Desktop users - Select Google Podcasts

If you don't see the player links, you will have to:

  • Select your subscription
  • Click 'Add to Your Player'
  • The player links should now appear

Step 3: If your podcast player does not appear as an option, click on the Get RSS Link button below. The following window will pop up:

Step 4: Click the green Copy button to copy the RSS feed link, and then navigate to your podcast listener where you will need to manually add the RSS Feed. This process will vary depending on the app.

Step 5: You're all finished! Now the private RSS feed will automatically deliver your new premium content directly to your device.

Option 2: Welcome Email

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