How to Integrate Supercast with Mailchimp

As a creator, you may already use a Mailchimp account to send newsletters and other emails to your audience. Or perhaps you don't have a Mailchimp account yet, but you think it's a good idea to create one soon.

In either case, this article covers the following:

Before proceeding, please ensure you have the following accounts set up:

How to integrate Supercast with Mailchimp using Zapier

Step 1. Setting Up Mailchimp

  1. If you don't have an audience, create one now by navigating to Audience > Manage Audience > View audiences > Create Audience.
  2. With the correct audience selected, add a new custom field (i.e. *|MERGE|* tag) to store your Supercast subscribers' details.

    To do this, click on your AudienceMailchimp Audiences page
  3. Go to SettingsAudience fields and *|MERGE|* tags.
    audience fields
  4. Click Add A Field and use the following settings:
    1. Type: Website
    2. Name: Supercast Feed URL
    3. Merge tag: FEEDURL
    4. Required: No
    5. Visible: Yes

NOTE: You can also add additional feed URL fields for different players if you like. You’ll need one for each type of player you want to show to your subscribers in a welcome email.

Step 2. Setting Up Your First Zap - Add New Subscriber

To set up a zap that adds a subscriber to Mailchimp after they sign up on Supercast:

  1. Accept Supercast's Zapier invite by clicking here.
  2. NOTE: If you have a network of podcasts, you need to have an account for each channel you want to integrate with.

  3. Create a new Zap.

  4. Select Supercast (2.2.1) as the App.

    Supercast Trigger on Zapier
  5. Set your trigger event to “New Subscriber”, and click Continue.
  6. Choose Supercast Account on ZapierChoose your Supercast account, click Continue, and Test trigger.
    New Subscriber trigger option on Zapier
  7. For your Action, choose Mailchimp, and for your Action Event, choose Add/Update Subscriber. Click Continue.New Trigger on Supercast option
  8. Connect your Mailchimp account.
  9. Fill in the details of the action. Some suggestions on field values

    Audience - Choose the audience you added the FEEDURL field to in your Mailchimp setup
    Update Existing - Yes (this is useful if feed URLs ever change)
    First Name - The “First Name” field from Supercast
    Last Name - The “Last Name” field from Supercast
    Subscriber Email - The “Email” field from Supercast
    Supercast Feed URL - Click on “Show all Options”, and then choose the Feed URL field from Supercast

    Any other fields may be filled in depending on your preferences.

  10. Click Test & Continue.
  11. Turn your Zap on! New Supercast members will now be added to your Mailchimp audience! 

Step 3. Set Up Your Second Zap - Unsubscribe Cancelled Subscriber

To set up a zap that unsubscribes a subscriber from Mailchimp after they cancel in Supercast:

  1. Create a new Zap.
  2. Select Supercast (2.2.1) as the App.

    Supercast Trigger on Zapier
  3. Set your trigger event to “Feed State Changed”, and click Continue.

  4. Choose your Supercast account, click Continue, and Test trigger.
    New Subscriber trigger option on Zapier
  5. For the trigger, select the suspended and deactivated states, click Continue, and then Test trigger
  6. For your Action, choose Mailchimp, and for your Action Event, choose Unsubscribe Email.
    Click  Continue.

  7. Connect your Mailchimp account.
  8. Fill in the details of the action:

    Audience: Choose the audience you created in your Mailchimp setup
    Subscriber Email: The “User Email” field from Supercast
    Delete Member: FALSE (This will allow you to continue seeing the subscriber's email history.)

    Click Continue.
  9. Click Test & Continue.
  10. Turn your Zap on! Cancelled Supercast members will now be unsubscribed from your Mailchimp audience! 

How to import existing Supercast subscribers into Mailchimp

If you already have existing members in Supercast that you'd like to add to your Mailchimp audience, you can import them by following the steps in this article.

Step 1. Download the CSV with your Subscribers in Supercast

  1. From your Supercast dashboard, click on Subscriptions.
    Supercast Subscriptions page
  2. Sort Feed Statuses by Connected.
    Sort Feed statuses options
  3. Click Download as as CSV option

Step 2. Import the CSV file in Mailchimp

  1. From your Mailchimp audience, go Add Contacts > Import subscribers.mailchimp import audience
  2. Check Upload file, and then click Continue to Upload.

    mailchimp upload file option
  3. Click on Browse, upload the CSV file you downloaded from Supercast, and the click Continue to Organize.Mailchimp organize option
  4. Select your audience, select Subscribed as your status, checkmark Update any existing contacts, and then click Continue to Tag.
    organize contacts option
  5. If you wish, select or create a tag for your contacts. Otherwise click Continue to Match.
  6. Ensure the column labels match up with your pre-existing audience fields.
    1. If so, click Finalize Import. 
    2. Otherwise, click on the edit icon to manually match each column with its respective field.
    3. NOTE: We recommend only using email address, first name, last name, and Supercast Feed URL.
  7. Review and click Complete Import.
  8. An "Import was successful" message should appear to confirm your import was completed.