Syncing Your Free Podcast Feed with Supercast

Do you have a whole catalog of episodes outside of Supercast that you’d like your members to see and play from their premium feed? Perhaps you’d like your members to also have access to your podcast’s free episodes on their premium feed, so they don’t have to click between the two feeds. Or perhaps you have another reason in mind altogether.

Whatever your reason, here’s how you do it:

1. From your dashboard, click on ‘Episodes’.

episodes option

2. Click on ‘Set up RSS Sync’.

setup as RSS sync button

Note: If you have already added a premium episode or previously imported a RSS feed, your page will look different. Instead, you will need to click on ‘Configure’ to bring up your Import Settings.

configure button

3.  Copy your RSS feed from your public podcast hosting service. See below for links on how to access your RSS feed URL from popular hosting services.

RSS Field4. Check ‘Enabled’ if you would like new episodes to be updated every 5 minutes.

enabled option5. Check 'Import past episodes' if you would like to import all of your past episodes.

import settings page

6. Choose between ‘Publish new episodes immediately’ or ‘Upload new episodes as drafts’. If you upload new episodes as drafts, you will be able to make further changes before publishing, such as replacing the audio to remove ads or updating the episode's title and description.

import settings page

7. Click ‘Create Import setting’.

import settings page

8.  The import of your free podcast episodes will be completed shortly.  Nice work!

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