How to Promote Your Membership

You just finished setting up your account: you determined your premium content and pricing, you set up your plans and landing page, you uploaded episodes, and you published your landing page. Pat on the back!

Now, you're ready to promote your membership and get subscribers.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive guide on how to successfully launch a premium membership, check out the Launch Section of our Paid Membership Guide.

This article will cover what channels are available to promote your membership, along with examples of what other creators are doing:

1. Free Podcast Show Read & Show Notes

One of the most effective ways to promote your membership is through your free podcast. Here are the three places in your free podcast where you should do this:

  1. Show read at the beginning of an episode
  2. Show read at the end of an episode
  3. Linking to your landing page in your show notes

Examples: How Our Top Creators Sell Their Membership on Their Free Podcast

For some inspiration on how to craft a compelling pitch, here are examples from Supercast creators with a proven track record selling memberships.


Canadaland's host, Jesse Brown, does an excellent job promoting Canadaland's membership. Whether it be through Canadaland's Crowdfunding Month, a special promotion, or just an ordinary episode - Jesse Brown gets to the bottom of  why listeners should become members through crafty, original pitches.

Here's a pre-show read at the end of Canadaland's Crowdfunding Month. Notice that, towards the end, Jesse really starts to have fun with it.

Here's a longer, more impassioned pitch from Jesse, during Canadaland's annual Crowdfunding month. Jessie lets people in on the mission, the impact they've made, and what extra support will unlock. It also performs incredibly well.

And of course, a show read at the end of every episode.

And they never forget the add a sign-up link in the show notes.

episode notes

Breaking Points

Breaking Points' Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti are master communicators, so it's no surprise they are so effective at selling their membership. The key to their success is uniting their audience around a central mission - "Help Krystal and Saagar beat corporate media." Their pitches do an incredible job tapping into this mission to convert listeners into paid members.

Here's a stellar example from the beginning of each episode. Notice: Mission first, perks second.

And a gentle reminder at the end of the episode.

Get Sleepy

In keeping with the show's overall tone, Get Sleepy sells its premium membership with grace.

In this show read, Get Sleepy's narrator offers a compelling reason to sign up by providing a teaser of the story that awaits them in the premium version.

Here, Get Sleepy's narrator reminds listeners of the mission - to help them get better sleep.

And they never forget the sign-up link in the show notes.

podcast episode notes

The Knowledge Project

At the start of each episode, Shane Parrish seamlessly reminds his listeners that they're only listening to the free feed. It's a clever way to create intrigue about what else they could get through the membership.

Here's an example.

And, of course, they always include the sign-up link in the show notes.

show notes

Peter Attia

At the start and end of each episode, Peter Attia walks his listeners through the benefits of his membership, providing a clear call-to-action to drive sign up.

Here's a show read from the start of the episode. Notice the clever signpost to the final sell Peter makes at the end of the episode.

At the end of the episode, Peter Attia again emphasizes the value of his membership. He makes a promise that members will get back more than they give.

And, as always, there's a sign-up link in the show notes.

sign up link in show notes

2. Website

If you have a blog or website, promote your Supercast landing page on it. Check out these examples:

Anxiety Coaches

Anxiety Coaches Podcast


Canadaland Podcast

If you like the way Canadaland embedded plans onto their site, check out this article.

Get Sleepy

Get Sleepy Podcast

3. Social

Promote your paid membership and Supercast landing page via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin). Some options include:

  • Link in bios
  • Posts
  • Social media sharing

Found My Fitness Social

4. Email Newsletters

Promote your premium subscription via any newsletters you operate. If you don't have a listener newsletter but have access to your listeners' emails, send them an email thanking them for listening to your podcast and recommend they check out your new paid membership. 

Here are two of our favorite launch emails:  

Breaking Points

Breaking Points PodcastBreaking Points Podcast


Politicology Podcast

Politicology Podcast

5. Community Groups

Ask other people in your professional network to share your paid membership via their email lists, podcasts, social media, etc.

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