Customizing Your Member Page

Supercast allows you to customize your own Member Page so that you can send your own unique message to your members when they sign up.

This article will cover the following:

Where Your Member Page Message Is Displayed

Your Member Page message will be displayed in two places:

  1. The Member Dashboard after listeners sign up for your membership
    member dashboard
  2. The Welcome Email that Supercast sends your members on sign-up

    Welcome Email Example

What to Put in Your Member Page

Naturally, every creator's Member Page message will vary. Here are a few examples of what you could include:

  • Reiterate what members receive as part of their membership (e.g. Bonus content)
  • Links to member-only to community groups or online content (e.g. private Facebook Group, Discord, pdf version of your content) you are offering your members
  • Discount codes for merch or any products you might be selling
  • If you need to collect a home address to send a gift to a member, you could link to a Google Form or Typeform to collect this info

How to Customize Your Member Page Message in Supercast

1. From your dashboard, go to Member Page.

Member page options

2. Choose whether you wish to use the same message for all subscribers or customize the message by plan type.

If you're offering different content to members based on plan types, you might wish to select 'Customize the message by plan type'. This allows you to provide links to the extra content you're offering to one type of subscriber (e.g. free merch to yearly subscribers), but not to another (i.e. monthly subscribers).

If you're offering the same content to all members, you might wish to select 'Use the same message for all'.

Members Welcome Page edit page
3. Add your Member Page message.

Supercast Monthly and Yearly Goals
4. Click Update Member Page.

Update Member Page Button

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