Triggering Personalized Episodes through Zapier

Supercast Personalized Episodes allow you to deliver episodes to specific subscribers based on their behaviour. You can set up some types of personalized episodes, like new member welcomes or unsubscription episodes without any additional configuration. If you want to integrate with other events beyond the standard list, you can use Zapier or API triggered personalized episodes.

Here's some examples of what you could use these episodes for:

  • A "Thanks" episode for users who filled out a survey using Typeform
  • A special episode for live event registrants, delivered only to attendees.
  • An extra thank you for additional support from VIP subscribers.

Triggering Episodes through Zapier

  • Set up the episode you'd like to trigger in Supercast, under the "Zapier / API" section in Personalized Episodes
  • In Zapier, set up a Zap with an action of "Trigger Episode". The trigger for this Zap should be whatever event you want to trigger the episode for the subscriber.
  • When setting up your action, you'll need to provide two pieces of information:
    • Choose the episode you previously created for "Episode"
    • For "User", map this to an e-mail address of an active subscriber (this will probably map to a field in your trigger).

Triggering Episodes through the API

Read our documentation on accessing this through the API here.