Creator Referral Program

The Creator Referral Program is an excellent way to let other creators know about Supercast, and earn some extra money in the process.
This article will cover the following:

What Is the Creator Referral Program?

With a few clicks, you can now easily refer Supercast to other creators you know. 

As soon as they start making money, you earn 20% of all Supercast fees collected! (Rest assured this comes out of Supercast’s pocket, not your friend’s).
And your friend gets $25 in Supercast credit to get started. 

How Do I Refer Other Creators?


You can refer creators in a few simple steps:

1. From your Supercast dashboard, click Refer a Creator.

Supercast dashboard

2. Copy the link.

Supercast invite link

3. Share the link to all of the creators in your circle - whether that's through a message, email, or social.

sample email invite

3. The other creator signs up for a Supercast account through that link.

Supercast invite page

4. When the other creator starts making money on Supercast, so will you! 💰💰💰

Can I Refer Other Creators If I'm Not Using Supercast?

Yes, you can! 

Simply email us at with your intended referral, and we'll account for it in the program.

What are the Terms of the Referral Program?

For a full list of the terms, please read the Referral Program Terms.

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