How to Integrate Supercast with Memberstack

Creators have the ability to integrate Supercast with their Memberstack-run membership.

Under this set-up, Memberstack manages the member sign-up and billing, while Supercast provides private RSS feeds and content to members in their podcast players. Supercast achieves this by displaying player links on the Memberstack dashboard that members can click to connect to their private podcast feeds:

podcast players options

Before we proceed, please ensure you have the following accounts set up:

Step 1. Get an access token from Supercast

To set up webhooks, you'll need an access token from your Supercast install. You can get one from the "API" section of the dashboard (under advanced settings). Click on "Generate podcast / network access token" to generate one. If you plan to have subscribers subscribe to your network, you should do this from the network, for a single channel do it from the relevant channel.

Step 2. Set up MemberStack Webhooks

Go to the "webhooks" section of MemberStack and add the following webhooks, replacing (access token) with the token from 1.

New Member - token)

Membership Cancelled - token)

Member Deleted - token)

Step 3. Verify a network bundle exists

You need at least one network bundle set up in your install to use Memberstack. Note: if you have multiple network bundles, let us know so we can ensure that subscribers are receiving the correct bundle when subscribed.

Step 4. Add Supercast Javascript

Add the following Javascript tag on any page that you may want to include Supercast functionality on. This is a lightweight script that doesn't make additional network requests or track anything unless requested, so it's generally fine to include on every page in your site.

<script src=""></script>

You should also verify that MemberStack javascript files are included wherever you want to show player links (see memberstack's instructions for details)

Step 5. Add Player links

Include the following wherever you want to display player links for a subscriber:

<supercast-player-links subdomain="(your subdomain)"></supercast-player-links>

Where (subdomain) is the subdomain of a podcast or network. If a podcast is specified, only links for that podcast will appear. If a network is specified, we'll display links for every show that the subscriber has access to.

Step 6. Checkmark Connection Reminder Emails in Supercast

From you Supercast dashboard, click 'Notification Preferences' under 'Advanced Settings.

notification preferences

Then, checkmark 'Connection Reminder Notifications'. This will send members who have not connected to their feeds 3 days after sign-up a reminder email, which contains their player links.

subscriber email options

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