Adding Content (including Video) to the Episode Browser

Your Supercast subscribers have the ability to listen and watch your content from the Episode Browser in their Subscriber Dashboard. Subscribers may prefer to use the Episode Browser over their podcast players if:

  • They want to watch video content (instead of audio)
  • They want to listen to content on a web player (instead of their podcast player)

This article covers the following:

What is the Episode Browser?

The Episode Browser is a feature that allows subscribers to listen and watch content from their Subscriber Dashboard. 

A subscriber can access the Episode Browser as follows:

  1. Log into Supercast.
  2. Select a Subscription.
    supercast demo
  3. Click Episodes.

    supercast episodes option
  4. This will open the Episode Browser, where subscribers may listen or watch all of the podcaster's episodes. 

    By default, the audio version of every premium podcast episode will appear in the Episode Browser. Videos will only appear if the podcaster has added a YouTube or Vimeo video link to their episode upload.

    Breaking Points Podcast Screenshot

How to Add Video to the Episode Browser

  1. From your dashboard, click 'Episodes'.

    Supercast Episodes option
  2. Click 'New Episode'.

    new episode button
  3. Enter all the episode information as you normally would for a regular podcast episode, such as:
    1. Title
    2. Subtitle
    3. Description
    4. Show Notes
    5. MP3 audio file

      You must always add the audio version of an episode if you want to upload a video.

  4. Under the field 'YouTube Video URL', add the unlisted YouTube or Vimeo video link that corresponds with your video content.

    YouTube URL field

  5. Click 'Create Episode'.
  6. create episode buttonYour video will now appear in your subscribers' Episode Browser.

How to Add Audio to the Episode Browser

The audio version of your regular Supercast episodes will automatically be added to your subscribers' Episode Browser. There is no further action required on your end.

Check out this article for more info on creating an episode: