Supercast creators may give their listeners the ability to donate to the show. This could be appropriate if:

  • Listeners have asked if they can donate instead of signing up for a subscription
  • Listeners would like to donate an amount on top of their existing subscription
  • Or another reason altogether

This article covers the following:

What is the Donation Feature?

The donation feature gives your listeners the ability to donate set or custom amounts to you directly from your landing page into your Stripe account. 

The donation does not entitle the listener to any member benefits, such as access to the premium feed. It is simply a donation to the creator.

How Much Does It Cost?

Stripe and Supercast fees will apply to donations as follows:

  • Supercast fee: 2% of the donation amount
  • Stripe fee: 2.9% of the donation amount + $0.30 per transaction

How to Set Up the Donation Feature for Your Landing Page

Note: Donations are not intended to replace your subscriptions, which are the best way to build your subscription revenue and provide benefits to members.

  1. Email to opt-in to the donation feature. 
  2. Supercast will enable the donation feature on your landing page.
  3. Once enabled, listeners may donate from your landing page as follows:

    Click 'Send a donation here':
    donation page
    Enter donation amount and payment info:
    donation amounts
  4. All donations will be sent to your Stripe account, and be viewable as a report from the 'Donations' tab in your creator dashboard.