Creating a Promotion

To increase subscriptions, consider running a promotion that discounts your plans for a selected period of time.

To create a promotion:

1. From your podcaster dashboard, click Plans > Promotions.

2. Click Create your first promotion.

3. Select your promotion type:

  • Public Promotion: Available to all new subscribers from your sign-up page.
  • Invite Only Promotion: Available only to new subscribers through a special link.
  • Upsell Promotion: Available to existing subscribers if they upgrade to a different plan within their subscriber dashboards.

    💡 How does an upsell promotion work? 

    1) Decide which plan you'd like to promote through the upsell promotion. For example, you might want to offer monthly subscribers a discount for switching to a yearly plan (which is now discounted).

    2) Notify eligible existing subscribers about the promotion. You could do this through a Supercast podcast episode, post, or your own email.

    3) Direct these subscribers to the 'Manage Subscription' area of their subscriber dashboard, which can be found at: https://[SUBDOMAIN]

    For example, if your subdomain is 'premium', the link would be:

    4) When subscribers arrive at this page, they will see a discount available on a different plan.

4. Enter a Name for the promotion. (This is for internal purposes only and will not be visible to your subscribers.)

field for promotion name

5. Enter a Percent off. (For example, to create a discount of 50%, enter 50.)
percentage off option

6. Select your Discount Length. (This is the period of months that the discount will apply. For example, if you select 2 Months, the discount will apply to the first two payments on a monthly plan, but only the first payment for a yearly plan.)

7. Select a Start Date. (This is the date the promotion will begin.)

8. Select an End Date. (This is the date when the promotion will expire.)

9. Select the plans you would like to be eligible for this promotion.

10. Click Create Promotion.

11. To finalize your promotion, toggle the promotion to active.finalize promotion option

12. Your promotion will now go live on your 'Activate by' date.

13.  Send your promotion link (CTA) to your audience:

For a Public Promotion: Send your sign-up page URL to your listeners (either through your podcast show notes, social media, email, etc.)

  • Click on 'View Sign-up Page
  • Copy the URL
  • Send that URL to your listeners

For an Invite-Only Promotion: Send the link listed on your promotion's page to listeners eligible for the invite-only promotion

  • Plans > Promotions
  • Select your Invite-Only promotion 
  • Copy the link
  • Send that link to listeners eligible for the invite-only promotion

Upsell Promotion: Send eligible subscribers to the 'Manage Subscription' area of their subscriber dashboard

  • Create a post (Posts) (or you could use a Supercast podcast episode)
  • Target the post to subscribers eligible for the promotion (for example, if you wish to upsell monthly subscribers to the yearly plan, target the post to monthly subscribers)
  • In the post, tell them to activate their promotion by going to: https://[SUBDOMAIN]

    For example, if your subdomain is 'premium', it would be: