Creating a Promotion

To boost subscriptions, you might want to consider running a promotion that discounts your plans for a limited period of time.

Here's how you create a promotion:

1. From your creator dashboard, click Promotions.

supercast promotions page

2. Choose between New public promotion and New invite-only promotion. A public promotion is accessible to anyone who visits your landing page, whereas an invite-only promotion is only accessible through a link.

new public promotion button

3. Enter a Name for the promotion. This is for internal purposes only.
field for promotion name

4. Enter a Percent off. For example, to create a discount of 50%, enter 50.
percentage off option

5. Select a Redeem by date. This is the date when the promotion will expire. 

redeem by date option

6. Select an Activate by date. This is the date when the promotion will begin.

activate date by option

7. Select a Discount recurrence. This is the period of months that the discount will apply. For example, if you select 2 Months, the discount will apply to the first two payments on a monthly plan, but only the first payment for a yearly plan.

recurrence option

8. Select your Promotion visibility.
promotion visibility option

9. Select whether you would like the promotion to apply to All plans or Specific plans.
promotion applies to which plans option

10. Click Create Promotion.
create promotion button

11. To finalize your promotion, toggle the promotion on to active.finalize promotion option

12. Your promotion will now go live on your 'Activate by' date.

promotion goes live screenshot

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