Creating a Post

As a Supercast podcaster, you might want to email your subscribers about something - whether that's an upcoming event, a change to your subscription, or anything at all. Our Posts feature lets you do that.

If you'd like to simply notify subscribers by email when you release a new Supercast episode, use the Episode Notification Email instead:

This article covers:

What is a Post?

A post is a written message that you can email your subscribers. You can include the following in your post:

  • Subject line
  • Written message
  • (Optional) Image and video attachments

Your subscribers will be sent this post as an email:

And it will also appear as a post in their Feed Browser:

How Do I Create a Post?

1) Go to Posts > New Post.

2) Enter your subject and written message, and optionally, an image or video link to go along with the post.

3) Click Save and Publish to send or Save as Draft to come back to it later.

4) Your post will now be emailed to your subscribers and appear in their Episode Browser.

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