Converting Podcast Episodes into MP3

There are two ways to download your podcast episodes to your device, so that you don't need to use internet data to play an episode:

  1. Gpodder
  2. Podcast Player

1. Gpodder

If you use a Mac or PC and want to convert your podcast episodes to MP3s so you can transfer to an MP3 player or another device, we recommend downloading Gpodder and following these steps:

After you have downloaded the installation file from that link, click on the file and install Gpodder. You are now ready to follow these steps:

1) Open Gpodder

2) In the menu at the top of the app click on Subscriptions > Add Podcast via URL

3) A pop-up box will open, paste your private RSS feed in the box and click Add. To find your private RSS feed:

4) A new box will appear with all the episodes from your show. Click on the Download button to download them as MP3s to your computer.

5) When an episode is finished downloading you will see a Green Music Note beside it. When you get new episodes from your show, you can download them individually by Right-Clicking on the episode and selecting Download.=
6) You can now Right-Click on dowloaded episode and select Send-to > Local Folder. This will allow you to save the MP3s to your desktop or other folders. From here you can transfer them to your MP3 player. 

2. Podcast Players

Most podcast players let you download a podcast episode to your device so that you won't need to use internet data while you listen. 

Note: Before you do this, you must have connected to your private podcast feed in the given podcast player (e.g. Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify). You learn how to do this by reading: How Do I Access My Premium Feed.

Here's how you do that for the main podcast players:

Apple Podcasts

  • Click on the '...' next to the episode you wish to download.

  • Click 'Download Episode'.

Google Podcasts

  • Click on the arrow next to the episode you wish to download.


  • Click on the arrow next to the episode you wish to download.