Setting Up Your Landing Page

A landing page is the viewer's first point of contact with your show. It goes without saying that an attractive and informative landing page is critical for effectively hooking new listeners.

To check out examples of some of our favorite landing pages, click here.

Creating a Landing Page

1. Navigate to Landing Page on the left-hand. From here you can customize various attributes as shown below.

2. Click on on the + icon under the Logo header to upload your podcast or company logo

Note: Remember minimum resolution is 40 × 40 pixels, and maximum is 800 × 300.

3. Click on the color palette located under the Accent Color header to select the accent color you want used throughout your landing page. You can customize your color with the palette tool or enter in a RGB, HSL, or HEX color code.

4. Write the headline for your landing page here.

5. Write a brief description of your podcast here. Try to keep it to small paragraphs, outlining who makes it, what it's about, and who it is for.

Looking for inspiration on how to message your paid content? Check out the How to message your paid membership section of our Membership Guide.

6. A welcome clip is a short audio clip you can embed in your landing page welcoming new subscribers. To insert a welcome clip, click on this box at the bottom of the page.

7. You'll then be prompted to create a title and brief description for the welcome clip, then upload an audio file. Make sure you click the Update Landing Page button at the bottom to ensure your page is saved and updated. 

Don't hesitate to contact us at if you need any help with the above steps. 

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