Setting Up AMAs

The AMA (Ask Me Anything) format has long been a way for podcasters to engage with their audiences in a meaningful way. By giving subscribers the opportunity to interact personally with their favorite podcasters, Supercast's AMA option serves to create more engaged audiences while providing podcasters with valuable insights and feedback.

AMAs can be powerful in recruiting new subscribers when offered as an  exclusive benefit.

This article will cover the following:

Why You Should Create an AMA

With an AMA, you get to enjoy these benefits:

  1. Get notified of listener questions
  2. Feature frequently asked questions
  3. Eliminate duplicate questions 
  4. Keep your listener questions in one place (no more managing questions across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, AND email)

But that's not all. Your listeners will be able to:

  1. Ask those burning questions they always wanted you to answer
  2. Suggest feedback for the show
  3. See answers to other listener questions you have already answered

How to Include AMA into Your Workflow

You can produce an AMA episode in just a few easy steps:

  1. During each premium episode, carve out a section that directs your listeners to the AMA section of your Supercast landing page. The link will be [subdomain]
  2. Pick one day a month to look at your AMA section.
  3. Pick a few of the most up-voted questions that you feel comfortable answering - you can keep track of the questions you'd like to answer by using our Shortlisting feature.
  4. Hit record as you answer these questions.
  5. Upload your episode to Supercast. Be sure to include "AMA" somewhere in the episode title.

And that's it - your members now have a monthly AMA episode in their premium feeds.

How to Set Up AMA in Supercast

  1. From your Supercast dashboard, click AMA > Enable AMA.
  2. Upload AMA image or artwork by clicking Edit Preferences > Choose a file (AMA Artwork).

    We personally love the image that Finding Mastery has selected for its AMA section:
    Finding Mastery Webpage Screenshot
  3. Add a couple of engaging questions to build traction. (Nobody wants to be the first!)
  4. Respond to questions via text, audio timestamp, or a mix of both.

  5. Promote your AMA in your welcome message,  show notes, and social channels. Sample promotional messaging below:
    Welcome Message/Subscriber Page - this will appear in the subscriber welcome email, as well as on the subscriber dashboard:
    We recommend linking directly to the AMA landing page in this section with something like "You can submit your questions to us here" 
    Show notes - this is another great place to direct listeners to engage and ask their own AMA questions - sample messaging could look like "If you are already a premium subscriber and would like to submit a question visit [subdomain]"

How to Use AMA to Promote Your Paid Membership

  1. List "AMA" as a benefit in your plans on your landing page.
  2. Tease a part of your AMA episode on your  public feed.
  3. Create a call to action to let listeners know about your AMA and link it within your public and private feed’s show notes.
  4. Create short reels of the AMA for distribution on socials (Twitter, Instagram story, Facebook Group, etc.)