Setting Up Listener Plans

A listener plan allows you to decide how much subscribers pay and what content they will receive in return. 

For a full rundown on what type of premium content you can make, and how to do it, check out the What kind of premium content should you make? section in our Guide to Podcast Memberships.

For advice and resources on pricing your plans, check out How to price your podcast’s paid membership in our Guide to Podcast Memberships.

This article will cover the following:

Creating a Listener Plan

When you have figured out what type of content you want to distribute and how much you want to charge for it:

1. Navigate to Plans > New Plan.

2. Create a name for your plan and a brief description of what a listener gets for subscribing to it.

3. Add artwork for the plan by clicking on the "Choose a file" button below the Artwork header. Your podcast logo or a custom plan image are good images to use.

4. Choose the preferred currency you'd like to charge subscribers. 

Note: Currencies are limited to USD, CAD, EU, and GBP.

5. Set your price and frequency for the subscription.

6. If you want to offer a free or discounted trial for your plan, select how many days you want to run the trial and how much it should cost. Leave the "Trial Period Price" blank if you want the trial to be free.

👇 A short GIF summarizing all of the steps above can be found below👇

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