Plans and Fees

Plans and Pricing

Supercast currently offers two pricing plans for podcasters, see below for descriptions of each.

All-in Plan

With this plan you get all the standard features and a landing page for $0.59 USD/month per subscriber. We use Stripe to process payments for all-in plans, they charge additional transaction fees which you can read about below.

Stripe Fees

For Canadian and US dollar transactions Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 on each transaction. Let's look at an example below for a $7/month USD subscription.

Subscription cost: $7
Stripe fee: ($7 X 2.9%) + $.30 = $0.50
Supercast fee: $0.59
Total fees: $1.09
Net revenue/subscriber: $5.91

For pricing in non-USD currencies (EU and GBP) visit this article.

Custom Plan

These plans are for customers who run multi-show networks and/or need customer integrations into their existing website. Prices vary based on the customization, and there are volume discounts for those who have large audiences. Contact to set up a custom plan.

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