Podcast Players that Support Private RSS Feeds

To access your premium content, you must have a podcast app that supports private RSS feeds -- the technology Supercast uses private RSS feeds to deliver episodes and premium content directly to your device.

This is a handy list that we've compiled so you can ensure you have the right podcast player for the job. 

The contents of this article include:

What is a Private RSS Feed?

Supercast allows subscribers to access their premium content by sharing a private RSS feed. RSS feeds are a means to distribute up-to-date content in a simple way. Imagine: instead of visiting your favourite podcast online every week, you can use a RSS feed to deliver new episodes directly to your device.

You may have come across your private RSS link in the welcome email we sent you. It looks like a regular URL:

add this URL to your feed

Lots of podcast players allow you to paste this RSS link directly into their app, but we've made the process even simpler. To link up your favourite podcast app with your private RSS feed, check out our article on How to Listen to Your Premium Feed.

Podcast Apps Supporting Private RSS Feeds

Here we've listed out the podcast player apps that support private RSS Feeds  by device. If your podcast app is not listed here below your specific listening device, you will want to download a new podcast player. 

We recommend you jump straight to the section for your listening device:

Note: those with an asterisk (*) also offer a paid service and they may also offer ad-free streaming. 





The best app for listening to your Supercast feed on a Mac computer is the built in Podcasts App. If you have the app installed simply click on the Apple Podcasts button found in your welcome email or Supercast account to automatically launch the app and subscribe to the podcast. 

Other options for accessing Supercast on your Mac computer:


We recommend using iTunes for Windows to listen to your Supercast feed. You can download it here. Once installed Click on “File” in the top left menu. Then select “Add a Show by URL…” from the dropdown and paste the feed URL in the pop-up window. Click “Subscribe” and 

Other options for accessing Supercast on your Mac computer:

Converting Your Episodes to MP3

If you use a Mac or PC and want to convert your podcast episodes to MP3s so you can transfer to an MP3 player or other device, we recommend downloading Gpodder and following these steps:

After you have downloaded the installation file from that link, click on the file and install Gpodder. You are now ready to follow these steps:

1) Open Gpodder

2) In the menu at the top of the app click on Subscriptions > Add Podcast via URL

3) A pop-up box will open, paste your private Supercast feed in the box and click Add. To access your RSS feed sign-in to your account here.

4) A new box will appear with all the episodes from your show. Click on the Download button to download them as MP3s to your computer.

5) When an episode is finished downloading you will see a Green Music Note beside it. When you get new episodes from your show, you can download them individually by Right-Clicking on the episode and selecting Download.=
6) You can now Right-Click on dowloaded episode and select Send-to > Local Folder. This will allow you to save the MP3s to your desktop or other folders. From here you can transfer them to your MP3 player. 

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