Migrating Users from Patreon to Supercast

So you’ve decided to move from Patreon to Supercast? Great news! 👏   

Now, it’s time to plan your move to get as many Patrons to sign up for Supercast. Since we’re unable to automatically migrate your Patrons to Supercast, you’ll have to encourage existing Patrons to cancel their subscription and sign up on Supercast instead.

Step 1: Create your pitch

Let’s be honest, most Patrons won’t sign up on a different platform just because you said so. Some die-hard fans will, but many won’t. This is why it’s so important to create a compelling reason for why they should sign up on Supercast. Here are some ideas:

  • Run a time-sensitive promotion (“if you sign up by the end of the month, you’ll get 50% off for the next two months”)
  • Explain that prices will increase, but they get to keep their current price
  • Offer content on Supercat that won’t be available on Patreon
  • Explain the benefits of Supercast over Patreon (e.g. listen on Spotify, Ask-Me-Anything feature, two-tap connection to most podcast players, better podcast experience, etc.)
  • Consider stopping the release of new content on Patreon after a certain date

Step 2: Prepare your Supercast plans and sign-up page

Depending on what you decided above, you might need to create a special promotion or a special plan on Supercast that you want Patrons to sign up for.

Step 3: Send post to your Patrons

Let your Patrons know with a Patreon post why they should sign up for Supercast. Here are some tips:

  • Give them a clear CTA (i.e. your sign-up page)
  • Make it time-sensitive (“must sign up by the end of the month”)

The following post is loosely based on a real pitch (key details left out):

Hello Patrons,

Exciting news: We’re moving to Supercast!

After months of planning, we’ve decided that the best move for you and our podcast is to migrate our subscription program from Patreon to Supercast. Since Supercast is designed specifically for podcast communities, it offers a much better experience.

On Supercast, you can:

  1. Connect to our premium ad-free podcast in any podcast player, including Spotify, with just 2 taps. (You don’t need a dedicated app, like you do with Patreon.)
  2. Ask us questions on Supercast’s dedicated Ask Me Anything (AMA) page, and listen to how we answer other subscribers' questions.
  3. Join our new, private community, where you can talk to other subscribers!

Thanks so much for your ongoing support. You’re the reason we keep doing what we do!

Sign up now [insert link to sign-up page]


Podcast Hosts

P.S. Don’t forget to cancel your Patreon subscription after you sign up. If you’re a yearly subscriber, you’ll be issued a pro-rated refund on your Patreon subscription.

Step 4: Send reminders about the move

Not everyone will remember to sign up straight away, so make sure you remind people a few more times in your transition period. Some examples:

  • Create reminder Patreon posts (e.g. 2 weeks before, and 3 days before your deadline)
  • Tweet or post on social about the move

Step 5: Remove your Patreon tiers from your Patreon page

When your deadline for not taking any new Patrons has passed, remove your Patreon tiers from your Patreon page. If applicable, you may even remove content from Patreon.

Step 6: Update all of your CTAs to Supercast

Change all of your Patreon links to your Supercast landing page, including:

  • Past episodes
  • Social media bios and posts
  • Website

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