Multi-Show Accounts

If you host multiple shows or run a podcast network and want the ability to manage all of your shows from one account and dashboard, Supercast can help you create a multi-show account. Muti-show accounts also allow you to bundle multiple shows, if you want to offer subscribers unique pricing for signing up for a collection of shows instead of just one.

At the moment, the multi-show feature has to be activated by our support team. If you would like multi-show activated for your account, please contact and we will happily get you set up.

In order for us to successfully create your network, kindly provide the following information in your email:

1. What is the name of the Network account? (ie. Banana Leaves Network)
2. What would you like the subdomain to be for the network (ie

NB: The network name and subdomain must be different from any name you would like to use for your podcast channel. (ie: none of the channels created under the Banana Leaves Network can be called Banana Leaves as well)