Add Staff Creators and Set-up Permissions

Podcasting is a collaborative artform. When building, promoting, and releasing your show, you may want to delegate certain responsibilities to others and give them specific permissions for certain tasks. Supercast makes this easy through the Creators section which allows you to add, edit, and remove the staff behind your podcast while attributing them specific roles and their associated permissions.

This article covers the following:

Adding, Editing, and Removing Creators

1. Navigate to Creators on the left-hand sidebar.

creators page on Supercast

2. Add people as contributors by entering their Email and specifying the Role you wish for them to occupy from the drop-down menu. 

Note: Skip forward to the Set-up Creator Roles and Permissions section to learn how to create your own custom roles and their corresponding permissions.

creators on supercast page

3. To edit the roles, permissions, or names of certain creators or delete them altogether, select their name from the list of creators. 

creators on supercast page4. From here you can select Edit or Delete in the top right-hand corner.

creator information

Set-up Creator Roles and Permissions

Roles are custom classifications that you can create for your crew. Roles are differentiated by the permissions they are granted. By establishing different roles, you can create a chain of command and ensure that people at different levels of the organizational structure have access to what they need.
To create a role:
1. Navigate to Creators > Roles and click on New Role in the top right corner.

Creator new Role button

2. Specify the name and enter a description for the specific role.

specific role description fields3. Next, grant the role permissions by selecting them from the drop-down. There are five permissions that can be granted to roles. The list below provides a detailed explanation of each:

  • API: allows the user to access Supercast APIs in order to create integrations with other apps
  • Channel: allows the user to edit landing page and AMA section
  • Creators: allows the user to add and remove creators from an account
  • Subscribers: allows the user to manually add new subscribers, and suspend a subscriber's feed
  • Episodes: allows the user to upload, modify, and delete episodes from an account 

4. Click Create Role. Now, when you add creators in the future this role will be available in the Roles drop-down menu.