Deactivating a Subscriber

Sometimes a subscriber will request that you cancel their subscription. They can do this themselves by following the instructions in our Managing Your Subscription article, or you can do this yourself from the back end. This article will teach you how to manually deactivate a subscriber's feed and cancel their subscription.

This help article will cover:

Deactivating a Subscriber

WARNING: Doing the following will deactivate your subscriber's feed and cancel their subscription.  

1. In your Supercast dashboard, click on the Subscriptions button in the left-hand menu. 

2. You can directly select the subscriber from this list, or search for them using their email in the top right search bar. Hit  Enter.

Supercast Subscriptions page

3. Click on the subscriber's name to open their profile.

4. In their subscriber profile, click the  Deactivate button in the top right-hand corner of the page. 

Deactivate Button

5. A pop-up box will ask you to confirm the deactivation. Select  OK.

Are you sure you want to deactivate box