Integrating Supercast with Membership Platforms

One of the benefits of Supercast's platform is the ability to integrate with other online tools.

Integrating Supercast with your website is a good alternative to the All-in Plan, which comes with a Supercast landing page, if:

  • You already have a membership system in place you want to continue using.
  • You sell other products and services through your website, and want to list podcast subscriptions alongside them.

This article will cover integrating Supercast with the following:


There are several ways to integrate Supercast into a Wordpress site. Our top recommendation is to use the MemberPress plugin, but we also integrate with popular plug-ins like MemberPress and WooCommerce.


1. Install the MemberPress plug-in on your Wordpress site. You can learn more about installing plug-ins on your MemberPress site here.

2. You'll need an API token to connect your Supercast account to WordPress - Navigate to API under Advanced Settings.

Supercast Advanced Settings

2. Click on Generate podcast access token to generate a new one. 

Generate Podcast Auth Token

3. Copy the token (at the bottom of the page) to your clipboard.

auth token

4. In your Wordpress admin panel, if you've installed the plugin, you should have a new menu item named Supercast. Click on it and paste the API token into this text box:

Supercast Connection Panel

5. Click on Fetch Supercast Channels - if you don't see an error, you're successfully connected!

6. Next, you need to tell Supercast how your MemberPress memberships correspond to your channels/networks. Go to the Feeds tab, and for each of your MemberPress plans that you want to sync with Supercast, select it (from the dropdown), and choose whether it should give users access to a single channel or your whole network.

applicable subscriptions

Note: In this case, I've set it up so that my Memberpress membership "Sample Plan" is linked to my entire network, meaning that anyone with that membership will have access to all my channels in Supercast.

7. After that, all you need to do is add the shortcode [supercast-feeds] anywhere on your site (on a page that's gated behind a membership), and we'll show the podcast feed URLs with links to players for subscribers.


Full integration steps for WooCommerce coming soon. Until then, contact us at and we will help you get set up.

Click here for information on WooCommerce pricing.


We can integrate with other membership plugins and CRMs using Zapier (note that Zapier can has its own fees). Click here to create a Supercast integration with Zapier.

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